Big Announcement: The Project Ava Storyteller Program

Dear Supporter,

Another year has passed. Project Ava is officially 2 years-old, and as such, we reflect on the milestones, achievements, and obstacles we encountered during our first year as a company. Foremost, we would like to thank you, our supporter, for following our platform and sharing our stories. We could not have accomplished what we did without advocates such as yourself. The milestones you helped achieve include:

  1. 1000+ fans on social media
  2. 50,000+ content likes/shares on the internet
  3. 400,000+ visits to our web platform
  4. 50+ meaningful stories shared

We are truly humbled by these numbers, especially the last one.

A new year also calls for reflection, and I would be lying if I said Project Ava did not endure hardship. The type of social justice work we do is difficult. Our mission was and never will be profit-driven, and it became difficult to ask an entire team of volunteers to sustain Project Ava for free. Truth is, there were times when I contemplated quitting. Was it worth all the effort? Are we really making a difference? How long can I keep doing this?

I thought about these questions for a long time, but deep down, I was forgetting the reason why we started Project Ava to begin with. Yes, I do believe we live in a world filled with social injustices. Yes, I do believe there are countless untold stories. Yes, I do believe meaningful stories can inspire change. I still 100% believe in our mission to “share meaningful stories that move the advocates of today and tomorrow.”

I remain dedicated to Project Ava and our mission.

From the lessons we’ve learned, I now know that our model was flawed. There is no possible way the small team at Project Ava can find and share all the meaningful stories out there. Nor do we have the right or expertise to share those stories. Today, I am announcing a new Project Ava; a crowd-sourced platform for passionate storytellers everywhere. Starting today, we will be opening our platform and making an open call for storytellers.

Today, I am announcing a new Project Ava; a crowd-sourced platform for passionate storytellers everywhere. Starting today, we will be opening our platform and making an open call for storytellers.

If you are a writer, artist, photographer, filmmaker, musician, etc. with a passion for social justice and sharing meaningful stories, then please consider becoming a Storyteller for Project Ava. Our movement is grounded in giving voice to the marginalized, putting faces to the statistics, shining awareness on injustice, and fostering understanding between groups within our community. We are looking to recruit everyday advocates who have compelling stories to share. Stories that seek awareness and understanding to inspire actions for a better world. We are looking for anyone from all walks of life practicing all mediums of art and advocacy to join our community as Project Ava Storytellers. So whether your medium of choice is hip-hop or photography, blogging or poetry, canvas or choir, and everything else in-between – if you are willing to share your story with us, our platform is open to you.

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I have considered Project Ava my passion project for over two years, and now I want to make it a passion for storytellers and advocates everywhere. Together, we can be a movement of creative people who care.

If you are interested in being a part of this movement, then become a Project Ava Storyteller here.

Thank you for your continued support. Thank you for being a part of the movement.

Ava Love,


Written by Joseph Zhang

Joseph is the co-founder and Board President of Project Ava. He believes a well-told story can foster understanding, promote awareness, and inspire people to action. He has a love for writing and film making, both of which has led him to various parts of the world in search of meaningful stories.

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