He Was Shot and Left to Die. The Reason Why Affects Us All.

Originally published by The Berrics.

Ross’s story of survival is truly an uncommon miracle. Sadly, most people are not as lucky. There are roughly 2,000 gang-related homicides each year within the United States. The most troubling part is when this violence impacts youth. Not only the individuals who fall victim to it but also the young individuals who are often recruited to commit these violent acts.

Gangs notoriously recruit young children. As stated in the video, the shooter was only 15 years old. Many young children turn to gangs for protection, to escape poverty or to establish a familial unit, but what saddens me the most is that, at such a young age, they are taught that life is expendable – whether it be their own life or that of others.

Life is precious. Life is short. Let that be the lesson we teach youth early before they are taught otherwise. And as a society, let us examine the issues of gun violence, poverty, and education that make stories like this commonplace. #WearingOrange

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