A Project Ava Storyteller is a champion for the voiceless. They believe meaningful stories can be told in countless ways. They believes meaningful stories can inspire change, raise awareness & foster understanding.

Meaningful and compelling stories can be told and shown in any medium and we want you to have that freedom. Whether you write nonfiction or poetry; illustrate comics or murals; dance hip-hop or swing; vlog or blog or podcasting; do anything in or out of this world– if you are willing to share your story with us, our platform is open to you.

At Project Ava, our mission is to provide a brave platform for those of underrepresented experiences to share their stories in sparking progressive dialogue. If you are a creative of any sorts with a passion for social justice, then please consider joining our team of Storytellers.

We only expect that, as a Storyteller fellow, you commit to publishing at least ONE first-person narrative a year. Pieces can be specific or general advocacy. Some issues we care about are:

  • Mental Health
  • Racism/Xenophobia
  • Ableism
  • Sexual Assault
  • Sexism
  • Intersectional Oppression

Currently we are focused on US domestic issues of social justice only and we are unable to support Storytellers abroad.

Benefits of being a Storyteller:

  • Work Remotely. You will be working from wherever you’re comfortable. Our Storytellers are spread across the time zones and aren’t constricted by a 9-5 schedule in an artificially lit cubicle.
  • Supportive Community. We are at your disposal as a support system to help you contextualize your stories. You are free to use us as resources to develop and empower your ideas.
  • Professional Opportunities. As part of our Project Ava community, Storytellers also have the opportunity to travel the country with us to share their stories and empower others to share theirs.
  • Networking. Through many avenues, such as traveling and presenting at conferences, you have the chance to make connections that last a lifetime and push you further in your aspirations. We have monthly conference calls that will feature guest speakers, notable individuals making waves in various advocacy avenues to serve as resources and connections for Storytellers.
  • Broad Reach. We continue to develop and build our platform to amplify the voices of our Storytellers. We have had a number of pieces go viral, garnering from 10,000 views to over 40,000 views. Recent pieces have reached influencers including Angry Asian Man, Margaret Cho, Christine Chen of Wong Fu, Buzzfeed, Everyday Feminism, & Huffington Post!

Project Ava’s Storyteller program is a great step towards creating stories that seek to inspire actions for a better world. When you’re ready, please apply below to join our community as a Storyteller.

Read Our Co-Founder’s letter about our Storyteller Program.

Please note that due to increased interest in joining as a Storyteller, we are unable to consider new applicants to join until Fall 2017. If you would liked to be considered for the Fall term, please submit an application.

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