At Project Ava, we are fueled by the passions of storytelling and these acts of storytelling are actuated by none other than our amazing group of Storytellers. Traversing timezones, experiences, and marginalities, our Storytellers unite under the common drive that stories are important and need to be heard. Each month, we will spotlight a new Storyteller in our Storyteller Series, without whom, Project Ava could not do what we do.


Kimberly is the executive director of Project Ava. Digital marketer by day. Activist by night. Aspiring journalist. Read her story.
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Pacific Northwest native and Vietnamese American female. I want to inspire others to be captains of social change. Read her story.
A Vietnamese American educator and activist advocating for the voices of the unheard and a transformative change in education. Read her story.
A traveling soul, designer spirit, and advocacy aspiration. He wants everyone to have the same chance to tell their stories. Read his story.


Theanne is a Chinese and Taiwanese American law student and activist based in Houston and the Midwest. She hopes to make a meaningful impact for marginalized communities through her stories and her future career in law. Read her story.


Wisdom is co-founder of the HadaNõu Collective, Africana Swag, and a barbershop group called Storytellers. His life goal is transformative resistance, developing revolutionary love, and decolonizing his mind. Read his story.