SWUVSA APEX Conference: On The Rise

Leveraging Social Media Storytelling to Empower Minority Voices and Inspire Meaningful Change

Provide a brave platform for those of underrepresented experiences to share stories in sparking progressive dialogue.

Substitute Teacher in Vietnam

Commentary by Eric La Nguyen: Say My Name and Say It Right

Down The Stream

Mini-Documentary by Chi Mai: Down the Stream

Social Media Card Back

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Emotional and able to relate.

Very touching presentation and relatable.

Great videos! Nice Presentation!

Omg my feels

I really enjoyed the videos presented to us and the dialogue surrounding each

I loved those videos and I appreciated the discussions.

Covered Useful Material: 92%
Practical to My Needs and Interests: 95%
Well Organized: 96%
Presented at the Right Level: 95%
Effective Activities: 93%
Useful Visual Aids and Handouts: 96%
Interactive and Engaging: 95%
Presenter’s Knowledge: 97%
Presenter’s Presentation Style: 96%
Presenter’s Covered Material Clearly: 96%
Presenter Responded Well to Questions: 96%