PSA: How To Avoid a Phở Fiasco

I know. It’s another piece about that Bon Appétit phở video. We just can’t get enough of that mess. And what a mess it was. If you’re tired of reading the dozens of thought articles this has spurned (as I am), I hope to provide a fresh perspective that might make the experience worth your … Continue reading PSA: How To Avoid a Phở Fiasco

What I Learned Walking Down The Aisle Without My Mother

It was quite the dilemma when it came time to send out wedding invites. Do I be the bigger person and invite her or do I avoid the risk of potential disappointment on what would be one the happiest moments of my life?

I am a Gay American

This piece was originally published on It Is What It Is (Not) the morning of the Supreme Court’s first hearing on California’s Proposition 8. For the past five months, I have tried repeatedly to write something entitled, “I am a Gay American.” In November, when the people of Maryland, Washington, and Maine voted to legalize same-sex marriage, … Continue reading I am a Gay American

What Even Is An “Asian American”

A piece originally published on Down Like JTown, republished on Project Ava with permission of the author. What Even Is An "Asian American" And Why Do We Have Our Own Month And I Just Have So Many Questions It's Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month and I'm going to be real for a minute. I've had a … Continue reading What Even Is An “Asian American”

Why BuzzFeed’s “People Try Durian (The Smelliest Fruit in The World)” is Racist

If you’ve spent any time on social media, I can bet that you might have come across a BuzzFeed piece or two. Originator of the iconic listicle, with over 200 million audience members worldwide, BuzzFeed continues to dominate media in the millennial era. I happen to know first-hand how pervasive this content is to my … Continue reading Why BuzzFeed’s “People Try Durian (The Smelliest Fruit in The World)” is Racist

A #MyAsianAmericanStory Collection and Why You Need to Listen

#MyAsianAmericanStory, the brainchild of Californian Jason Fong, was inspired by #BlackLivesMatter and is looking to reclaim the Asian-American narrative after statements from U.S. Republican Candidates Jeb Bush and Donald Trump that tag Asian people to the term "anchor babies". Regardless of which side you stand on immigration and other matters of politics, I would like to take a moment to … Continue reading A #MyAsianAmericanStory Collection and Why You Need to Listen

Say My Name and Say It Right

This post originally appeared on Medium: Eric La Nguyen. I’ve always wanted my first YouTube critique to be of Ken Tanaka’s “What kind of Asian are you?” video that went viral a few years ago but never had the time until recently. I started to map out my opinions on that topic but then this popped … Continue reading Say My Name and Say It Right

RE: Angry White Girl Fetishizing Asian Men and Stereotyping Asian Women – That’s Racist.

A few weekends ago while doing my daily browsing through Tumblr, I stumbled across this particularly inflammatory, offensive, and all around racist, anti-Asian post written by a 20-year old white woman under the guise of a personal rant questioning why Asian men only date Asian women.