What Theater Did for a Fat Girl like Me

No matter how long I’ve been out of the performing world, I’m always sure to be home for the annual Tony Awards. In my childhood home, traditional media award shows weren’t likely to make appearances. Mom often despised the extravagance and patriarchal overtones of the pre-show red carpet. But, the featured performances of Tony-nominated shows … Continue reading What Theater Did for a Fat Girl like Me

An Áo Dài’s Embrace

A piece originally published on Medium republished on Project Ava with permission from our Storyteller, Olyvia Chac-Nguyen. Learn more about the Storyteller Program. Embrace Standing at 5'3" and making weight as a super heavyweight boxer, wearing a áo dài was something far beyond how I wanted to display my “curves”. The traditional áo dài captures the grace, elegance, … Continue reading An Áo Dài’s Embrace

20% of Women and 14% of Men Have Engaged in Self-Harm. Meet Two People Who Think You Shouldn’t.

Self-harm can come in many forms including eating disorders, substance abuse, cutting, and many more. We thank our two models for being brave enough to share their stories.

Embrace Your Stretch Marks

I was never pretty, just smart; never charming, just nice; never voluptuous, just skinny.  I grew up with an older cousin who was always hotter and got all the boy friends.  (By the way, we were in elementary school. How the f does an elementary kid know what a “relationship” means?!) I was the nerd … Continue reading Embrace Your Stretch Marks