Reclaiming My Time: How I Broke My Silence and Owned My Blackness

I have found that when I rely on genuine curiosity to challenge racist ideas, humility to compliment my personal growth, and platinum empathy to model how I expect to be treated, I have a chance at reclaiming my story. 

A #MyAsianAmericanStory Collection and Why You Need to Listen

#MyAsianAmericanStory, the brainchild of Californian Jason Fong, was inspired by #BlackLivesMatter and is looking to reclaim the Asian-American narrative after statements from U.S. Republican Candidates Jeb Bush and Donald Trump that tag Asian people to the term "anchor babies". Regardless of which side you stand on immigration and other matters of politics, I would like to take a moment to … Continue reading A #MyAsianAmericanStory Collection and Why You Need to Listen