Asian Americans Are Allowed to Celebrate ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

Fair warning, light spoilers ahead. Proceed at your own discretion. I performed my Asian American duty by heading out to the big screen in support of the opening weekend of “Crazy Rich Asians” and this is the story of how I went from “Crazy Rich Asians” cynic to stunned. Leading up to it, I was … Continue reading Asian Americans Are Allowed to Celebrate ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

Why Dating a Black Man Can Be Difficult

As a black man living in America, I believe I can speak for many others like myself when I say that some of us aren’t great at dating or relationships. Many of us grow into adulthood with a lot of baggage from our youth. Unfortunately, many of us are not equipped with the proper tools … Continue reading Why Dating a Black Man Can Be Difficult

Artist Remembers His Fallen Friend the Way He Knows How.

At times it is difficult in here, just remembering him and remembering these images and the history we had together. I knew I wouldn't be happy with it until it felt like John and until the final two months of the painting when I looked at it and realized that was John. That's who he was. That's who his family would recognize. It felt like John. I had finally made my peace with that painting. I think ultimately the portrait of John becomes my personal stance against the endless number of John's we have produced over the generations.

The Project Ava Story

At Project Ava, we consider ourselves storytellers; yet writing this particular story is weird for me. It’s weird because just a year and a half ago, Project Ava didn’t exist. The dream that I’m chasing now was exactly that, a dream, and now I’m sharing with you our real story. People ask us all the … Continue reading The Project Ava Story