A Woman’s Hands

A Woman's Hands Some days in this world there are women who find themselves in need of a mother, a sister, a friend. Desiring a safe place to turn to A gentle hand to hold As the liquid courage coursing under skin Falls from their eyes No amount of soap can erase the dirt No … Continue reading A Woman’s Hands

Your Transphobia Isn’t My Burden to Bear

Coming into graduate school this past August, I had high expectations of my peers and my program. My graduate program is ranked number seven in the nation and is well known in my area for producing some of the best counselors around. As a group of future counselors and current counselor educators, it seemed reasonable … Continue reading Your Transphobia Isn’t My Burden to Bear


A piece originally published on Medium republished on Project Ava with permission from our Storyteller, Duane Burge. “Hit him!” The one phrase I remember from my childhood career as a peewee tight end on the little league football team. There I was, 7 p.m. on the football field standing at the scrimmage line waiting for the third … Continue reading #SupportFeminineBoys