Project Ava Presents: Unheard is a new original podcast series produced by our Project Ava team and Storytellers where we share underrepresented stories related to social justice in audio. As we continued to share stories on this last year, we came to the realization that a written medium is not the only or most compelling way to share stories. Writing is not for everyone and it also isn’t accessible to everyone. In an effort to expand the ways, platforms, and types of stories we share and who we share them from, we launched Unheard-a podcast to bring voices of the voiceless to share nuanced dialogue related to social justice and inequity.

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Episode #1: AAPI Political Action

In this episode Kimberly and Joseph address the results of the 2016 Presidential election as it pertains to Asian Americans. We welcome guests Dan Huynh of AAPI Action, a slack community for AAPIs and allies across the nation to take political action, and Bao-Tram Do a community organizer from Seattle who works with APACEVotes to increase accessibility to civic access and participation for APIA communities.

Episode #2: Happily Ever After for People of Color

Host James Burge discusses the impact of relatable images to children of color with guest Donica Snyder. In this episode, they explore the importance of diversity in fairy tales and fictional stories. Listen, as the two discover what happily ever looks like for minorities. To read more about the topic, view our accompanying piece.

Episode #3: Addiction, Mental Health, and the Stigma

Project Ava’s third installment of Unheard explores the intricacies of mental health addiction. Host Joseph Zhang interviews Joshua Stout, Project Ava Storyteller and PhD Candidate in Sociology from the University of Delaware. Joshua shares his story of addiction, experiences of stigma and finding care.

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